Matthew Rogness Captures Our 18th Annual NASCAR Fantasy Racing Championship

It was a nailbiter to the very last lap for the NASCAR Fantasy Racing League presented by The Racing Insiders for the 2021 season.

A last-lap pass for fourth by Ryan Blaney over Chase Elliott helped longtime league contender, Matthew Rogness clinch the Championship just 29 points over Andy Greenman who finished second in the league.

PHOTO CREDIT: Angie Rogness – Talladega Superspeedway April 2021

Only three contenders out of one hundred and ninety-three who joined predicted Kyle Larson as the Champion in the Fantasy League at the start of the season.

This included Cody Emmans who finished 57th in the league standings, Julie Damiani who won the most races in the season and finished 3rd in the season standings, and Matt Rogness who became our champion.

Early in the race, Rogness’s seventh driver pick Bubba Wallace, wrecked and was out of the race which bumped Rogness to the bottom of the Championship five throughout most of the race.

After the final pit stop, Aric Almirola jumped from 17th in the race to 5th and went on to finish 6th in the race helping Rogness gain the extra points lost by Bubba Wallace earlier in the race.

Rogness wins in his sixth season for the NASCAR Fantasy Racing League, marking him the 18th new Champion in 18 seasons.

Rogness has won $250, a second-place Andy Greenman, has won $50, and third place Julie Damiani has won $25.

The NASCAR Fantasy Racing League will return in 2022 with a new points format. As always this league is FREE to join. We will start to pick drivers on January 1st.