TRI Fantasy Racing League Rules & Points System

Contenders will have the chance to pick 10 NASCAR Cup Series teams at the start of the 2021 season to enter this NASCAR Fantasy Racing League.


Team picks can be submitted starting on January 3rd, 2021, until February 7th, 2021. Once the team picks’ deadline has closed, no other contenders can enter the league, nor can they change their team picks at any time throughout the season.

If a contender who signed up in the Fantasy Racing League did not submit all their picks, picked a team twice, or picked a team that announced they are closing before February 7th, 2021, a race team pick will be chosen for that league contender through a random generator.

To view, all-league contender picks CLICK HERE.


After each Cup Series race, points will be awarded based on where your teams finish in the race using this points system.

0Pick 1Pick 2Pick 3Pick 4Pick 5Pick 6Pick 7Pick 8Pick 9Pick 10
1st Place:30027525022520017515012510030
2nd Place:2402202001801601401201008020
3rd Place:18016515013512010590756015
4th – 5th Place:144132120108968472604810
6th – 10th Place:9688807264564840328
11th – 15th Place:7266605448423630246
16th – 20th Place:4844403632282420164
21st – 30th Place:242220181614121082
31st- 40th Place:1211109876541
Stage or Pole Victory:5045403530252015105


New in 2021, the NASCAR Fantasy Racing League will have four double-point races. This will take place during the regular season at Daytona 1, Bristol Dirt, Charlotte, All-Star Race, Road America, and Daytona 2.


There will be a total of 50 contenders that will enter into the Fantasy Racing League playoffs.  Once the playoffs start, no contenders will not be able to enter the playoffs.

Two ways contenders can make the Fantasy Racing League playoffs is by either getting a win in the first 40 races of the regular Cup Series season or finishing in the top 50 in points without a race win.

The playoffs start on September 5th at Darlington Raceway and concludes ​​
after 10 races at Phoenix Raceway on November 7th.

We will have three playoff rounds in the Fantasy Racing League.  

The first round will be three races (Darlington, Richmond, and Bristol).  After these three races, the bottom 25 playoff contenders without a win in this playoff round will be eliminated from the playoffs.

The second round will be three races (Las Vegas, Talladega, and Charlotte Roval).  After these three races, the bottom 15 playoff contenders without a win in this playoff round will be eliminated from the playoffs.

The third round will be three races (Texas, Kansas, Martinsville).  After these three races, the bottom 5 playoff contenders without a win in this playoff round will be eliminated from the playoffs.

The final round of the playoffs will be the championship race at Phoenix Raceway where 5 contenders will compete for the Fantasy Racing League Championship.

Playoff contender points will be reset at the start of the playoffs and after each round with 100 point increments based on the number of wins the contender has thus far in the 2021 season. So if a contender had three victories in the regular season, that contender will start each round with 300 points.

Once a contender is eliminated from the playoffs, they will move back down to the non-playoff contenders and be positioned in the standings based on how many points they have earned so far in 2021.


A tiebreaker will be used only for the winner of the race in the Fantasy Racing League. The tiebreaker will be broken by the first pick of each contender’s highest finishing result, in that race. If the league contenders have the same pick we will go to the second pick and so forth until the tie is broken.


​This Fantasy Racing League is free to join and pays out real money at the end of the season thanks to our sponsors at The Racing Insiders. First place in the Fantasy League will win $200, second place will win $50, third place will win $25, fourth place on down will not take home any earnings.

If you are a prize winner in the NASCAR Fantasy Racing League you will receive your prize before January 1st, 2022 electronically through either PayPal or VENMO.