Josh White and Vizion Motorsports Split After Dispute

A dispute between driver Josh White and his team, Vizion Motorsports, following the test at Daytona, has spilled over into social media over the past couple of days.

Driver Josh White Statement: “Josh White Racing and it’s partners have parted ways with Vizion Motorsports, effective immediately. “I wish things would have turned out differently, however, Vizion Motorsports mission does not align with ours. We regrettably say this, with great discomfort. We did not learn that Vizion Motorsports had a different goal or mission than us until the Daytona test.” White said. ‘I wish Vizion Motorsports nothing but success in all their future endeavors.

Vizion Motorsports Statement: The Team felt it was necessary for various reasons, which were not revealed until the day of Arca Testing at Daytona. We would have preferred to keep this issue on a more professional level for our Team and Josh White, unfortunately, Josh White took to social media before our statement could be released. By doing so he has placed the Team In an awkward position. There was “no breach of contract” on behalf of Vizion Motorsports. It is clearly outlined in the contract with Josh White what the driver’s responsibilities are.

  • “Driver must also be professional and not violate any laws to be detrimental to the team or sponsor or personal brand”
    (This was violated in December 2019, with an individual on social media. Josh was spoken to concerning this incident. Josh has been degrading the Team via social media)
  • “Driver must present themselves is a professional manner at all time.”
    (Upon his arrival for testing in Daytona we were notified of his appearance and conduct on the track.)
  • “Driver is responsible for crash repair exceeding $1500 and maximum of $10000 per test.”
    (The Team did not feel that this could be met, if needed.)
  • “Driver is responsible for any licensing requirements to be acquired to race.”
    (Josh was unable to meet this requirement himself and was requesting sponsor money from team sponsors. Team sponsored funds are for races, not testing of drivers. This issue was discussed with Josh prior to him making the arrangements to go to Daytona).

Since Josh White’s original post concerning “Breach of Contract” and contacting Team sponsors, it has become known that funds from Team sponsors were not received by the Team. All sponsors that sponsored Josh White paid Josh White, not the team. It has been brought to our attention that some Team sponsors that were directed to pay Josh White instead of the Team some of those funds have not been received by the team.

We regret to have made this type of statement and we wish Josh well is in the dream of racing.