Tifft Asks NASCAR to Remove CBD Oil’s From Banned Substance List

In an interview from former NASCAR Cup Series driver, Matt Tifft with NBC Sports, Tifft explained how the use of CBD Oil’s has helped him with his seizures since the fall of 2019.

In 2019 Tifft was a full time driver for Front Row Motorsports. Prior the practice at Martinsville Speedway in October of 2019, Matt Tifft experience a seizure, which was sidelined him from the sport ever since.

The 23 year old went to social media on Friday to ask NASCAR to reconsider the banned substance of CBD’s and CBD Oil’s in NASCAR.

“As some of you may know, it is a banned substance in NASCAR, but has helped me so much with recovery, and as other sports leagues look to legalize its use, I am one of the first to bring my experience with it to light.” said Tifft.

“After several races, after taking in many harmful fumes and having extreme stress and heat on my body, the rule book prohibits you from taking cbd, so I would have to take pain killers and other drugs to combat what would go on during the race. I think it is time we allow something like this to be legal, especially when it is non psychoactive and big pharma and alcohol is allowed to be sponsors in our sport. It has been immensely helpful in my recovery, brain function, and anxiety during this time, and has really been a life changing thing to help me cope with these issues.”