Shane Lee Considering to Start His Own Race Team

Former NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Shane Lee teased on Twitter Friday morning that after acquiring some race equipment from his former team, H2 Motorsports, in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, that he may start his own racing team with the equipment.

H2 Motorsports announced in May of 2019, that they would attempt twenty races with Lee in the No. 28 Toyota Supra, beginning at Iowa Speedway in June with Circuit City as the sponsor for all races.

After just 7 races into their season, Lee was released from his contract due to “poor performance.” The team never returned to the race track.

Following the 2019 season, Matt Hurley ran into legal trouble from a property he owned in Fort Meyers, Florida. Hurley announced the team would be closed due to financial issues and sold most of the team’s assets to the future Sam Hunt Racing team.

Shane Lee continued on Twitter to mention that some of the equipment left over from H2 Motorsports has been in a sheriff’s warehouse since August 2019 and is now in his possession.

It is unknown how Lee acquired the equipment; however, it is expected that H2 Motorsports still owed Lee back payments from his driving duties in 2019.