RFMS Racing Closes Doors Ahead of 2020 Season

RFMS Racing owner, Don Fike, recently spoke with The Pit Lane and talked about the decision he has made over this offseason to close his race team and retire from racing.

“I almost sold the team after the 2017 season. I had a bicycle accident that year, which ultimately made my Parkinson’s symptoms worsen. My doctor and I talked about reducing my stress, so I decided to stop racing. My wife and some of my closest friends could tell how miserable I was with my decision to sell, so they talked me into doing it another year. But it’s time now. As much as I love racing, I just don’t need the extra responsibility anymore.”

Travis Braden, who has raced for the team the previous two seasons announced earlier in the week that he will not return in 2020 and will focus on Late Model racing.