No Media Reporters & Limited Television Crew Expected at Darlington

NASCAR is working with teams and industry leaders on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while we return to racing at Darlington and Charlotte later this month.

On the Performance Racing Network program, Fast Talk, host Doug Rice talked about how NASCAR is working with officials, media professionals, and television personnel on how to perform social distancing while at the race track properly.

Most media members will not be able to attend races, and there won’t be much needed for them at the track. Drivers will not take part in any in-person media obligations, the media center will not be open, and there will be an alternative victory lane with limited participants.

NASCAR on FOX is expecting to only bring approximately 30 television crew members to the race track at Darlington. This is down from the approximate 200 television crew members at the track every weekend.

There is no plan for an announcers booth, however, Mike Joy and Jeff Gordon will be at a remote site broadcasting the play by play. This is similar to what NBC Sports did in 2019 with select Xfinity races.