Nevada Donor Network Sponsoring Joey Gase at Las Vegas

On Saturday, March 5, the #35 Nevada Donor Network car will hold a very special meaning. The images of five local organ donor heroes (Brandon Millette, Alana McDonald, Stanley Holland, Wendy Myers, and Christian Maiava Me) will adorn driver Joey Gase’s car along with donor families’ “Messages of Hope”.

In 2011, Gase’s mother, Mary, died of a brain aneurysm and helped save and heal the lives of 66 people as a heroic organ, eye and tissue donor. Nevada Donor Network (NDN) and Joey Gase have partnered together since 2013 to promote the gift of life and health through  donation by honoring local heroes and their courageous families each time he races at LVMS.

Gase has developed a passion for educating others about the need for organ, eye and tissue donation, along with honoring other heroes like his momThrough NDN’s partnership with Joey Gase, these special honoree tributes and “Messages of Hope” are intended to inspire Nevadans to say ‘YES’ to registering as an organ, eye and tissue donors. Registering to become a donor hero brings hope to the nearly 600 Nevadans and over 100,000 Americans currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.

— Emerling-Gase Motorsports —