NASCAR Implements Major Staff Reductions at Iowa Speedway

NASCAR on Friday implemented several permanent layoffs following the NASCAR / ISC merge last October. Iowa Speedway was most effected and will see a significant impact on staffing.

NASCAR will retain president David Hyatt and a small amount of staff for 2020, with a majority of their team leaving their positions.

“Iowa Speedway looks forward to running our 2020 race event schedule and delivering another exciting season of racing,” Hyatt told Nate Ryan of NBC Sports. “With assistance from the Kansas Speedway staff, we remain committed to providing an unforgettable race-day experience and great entertainment value for our fans.”

Following the (ISC) merger, NASCAR began evolving its operations and we remain committed to this process during these unprecedented times to ensure the long-term health of our sport,” NASCAR told NBC Sports. “Like other businesses, we are working to get through this economic impact and position ourselves for success upon our return to racing.”

For the 2020 season, Kansas Speedway will assist Iowa Speedway with personal.