MBM Motorsports Discusses 2022 Plans, Scaling Back Both Cup & Xfinity Operations

PHOTO CREDIT: MBM Motorsports on Twitter

Coming off of a disappointing finish at Phoenix Raceway and a weekend where himself, his driver, and eight of his crewmen contact COVID 19, Carl Long, owner of MBM Motorsports, is already starting to get prepared for the 2022 season.

However, the team will look a little bit different entering into next season.

“My business model has to change completely for next year,” Long told Jack Arute on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio’s program, The Frontstretch, on Saturday.

“I leaned on my used parts from my Xfinity stuff to run some of my Cup stuff. The equipment oftentimes came hand-in-hand most of the time. That’s not going to be the situation this year.”

“In the past, I have been able to run multiple cars in the Xfinity Series using limited resources, we do what we can afford, we lost several of our crew members over the season to other teams, so this year (2022) I am going to take a different approach.”

“I am going to do only one full-time Xfinity car that I will manage myself with a small group of guys, and for the Cup Series, we will probably run that car once a month if we can get the sponsorship.”

“In the past, I have been able to run a Cup race at 25 to 50 thousand dollars a race; now it’s going to cost me 150 thousand dollars to run a race at my best guess with this new car. I don’t frequently have to buy new like I do this year for my Cup car. It’s just an extra amount of money right out of the pocket.”

“I would say in a couple of years when used stuff comes around; it will be a much friendlier environment for us.”

The team is currently participating at the Charlotte Motor Speedway NextGen test on Wednesday and Thursday this week with driver Timmy Hill and a crew that was pieced together last second since most of the MBM Motorsports crew is currently still in quarantine from COVID-19.

MBM Motorsports competed in 25 NASCAR Cup Series races in 2021, and 44 NASCAR Xfinity Series starts. Timmy Hill and David Starr were the most consistent drivers for the team.

Long mentioned that crew chiefs Doug Richart, Mark Hillman, and Clinton Cram left the organization to pursue other opportunities.

No mention of what drivers, car numbers, and sponsors might return in 2022.