Joey Logano Wants to be Known as Joe Logano Going Forward

Friday morning Joey Logano was on the Sirius XM NASCAR Radio program “The Morning Drive”.

During the program hosts, Mike Bagley and, Pete Pistone came up with a new segment called “Get to Know Joe”. The new segment sparked a conversation on how Joey Logano would like to be called “Joe” instead of “Joey” in the future.

“So I like Joe, but I feel like I have committed to this Joey thing” said Logano.  “Little Joey is cute, but some point you grow up and Joe Logano sounds cool. I feel like that I am just to known as Joey at this point. Will Jimmie Johnson change his name to Jim Johnson now?  It doesn’t sound right, but Joe Logano sounds good, maybe once I turn 30 I can switch it to Joe Logano.”

The host, Mike Bagley suggested that they should create a pole on twitter to see if Joey should drop the “y” in his name and just be know as Joe Logano going forward.

With well over 2400 votes, 85% of people say they would like to see it stay as “Joey”.

“I am not going all the way to Joseph, I am not that formal” replied Logano.