2021 Cup Series Rules Package to Remain Largely Unchanged from 2020

Today NASCAR delivered the 2021 Cup Series rules to the teams. The rules will largely remain the same to allow teams to build off their knowledge and experience of the race package, while preparing for the transition to the Next Gen car in 2022.

Below are noteworthy updates for 2021:

  • Races at Darlington Raceway will utilize the 750 hp, low downforce race package. Nashville Superspeedway will use the same package.
  • Teams are restricted to 150 Restricted CFD runs per calendar month.
  • Teams must compete in a minimum of 16 points events with a short block sealed engine (up from 13).

“We constantly review the race packages to try to put on the best possible racing for our fans. When we brought in the short track / road course package this season, Darlington was not part of it due to its unique size. We’ve been evaluating data from both race packages, as well as feedback from drivers, teams and OEMs and feel that the 750 hp / low downforce package best fits the track.”

  • John Probst, NASCAR Senior Vice President, Innovation and Racing Development